FM2020 Update 20.2.0

Introducing performance and stability fixes as well as improvements to the match engine.

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20.2.0 Changelist
– General stability improvements
– Game performance improvements
– Training happiness and logic changes
– Improvements to newgen second nationality generation
– Tweaks related to board interference with transfers
– Number of tweaks regarding the balance and logic to objectives and club vision
– Number of competitions and rule group fixes, including VAR in Turkey, South American continental competition fixes and Bulgarian league registration
– Scheduling fixes for matches being played in conflict with other tournament fixtures
– Work permit tweaks
– Fixes for Shortcut keys on PC and ‘cmd’ button on Mac
– Number of UI improvements and tweaks
– Fixed issue where sometimes newgen would have red face
– Toned down pitch degradation effect on high-condition pitches
– Fewer shots from the byline
– Improvements to finishing in clear-cut-chance situations
– Improved through ball decisions in final third

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