Chicken Wing 433 (CMs)


This is the latest tactic from one of the best tactic creators on the forums, stephenhk!
Make sure that you the manager, are responsible for opposition instructions and touchline instructions (Staff > Responsibilities > Tactics / Match Day). Otherwise your staff will ruin the tactic during the matches.

As seen in the screenshots, Toulouse finished second in the league when predicted 15th!
This was a test to see how it would do.
I set the tactic, played friendlies to get it familiar and then holidayed the rest.
No transfers/no staff changes.

Set Pieces
Throw-ins and Corners have been set up.
DR takes left side set pieces.
DL takes right side set pieces.

Demand More Every 15 Minutes.

Not used in this tactic.

I let my Assistant Manager do the general training
For individual training I do the player’s role and often specify an attribute they need to improve upon for that role.

Your Results!
Please also post your results! I’ll then add them to the images.


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