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BJT – 433 / Liverpool 101 Points

Una tattica DEVASTANTE: un 4-3-3 ispirato a quello di Klopp e Guardiola DOWNLOAD Riporto la discussione dell’autore della tattica: Given this is such a popular shape I thought I’d create a 433 tactic with...


CJ’s 4231-v7 Tactic

Tattica che potrebbe rivelarsi devastante… Riporto il testo dell’autore: Used this tactic and dominated the championship, then a 7th placed finish 1st season back in the premiership. Got into the champions league the following...


Chicken Wing 433 (CMs)

POST DELL’AUTORE DELLA TATTICA: This is the latest tactic from one of the best tactic creators on the playgm.cc forums, stephenhk! Make sure that you the manager, are responsible for opposition instructions and touchline...